Free Medicl Camp

Hussain Lakhani Hospital is the first private hospital in Karachi to provide free, high-quality medical camps for the underprivileged and lower population of our community. The Hospital has qualified medical staff that tends to the needy and less developed people to the best of their ability. The medical camp performs all sorts of physical examinations for the early diagnosis of any disease by the specialized medical staff. Hussain Lakhani Hospital Medical camp is also working to raise awareness among the poor to get proper medical care at no cost.

Free Covid Hospital

In the midst of the ongoing pandemic, the Hussain Lakhani Hospital has built the COVID Hospital for free the treatment of coronavirus patients. It is one of the first private hospitals to offer free coronavirus treatment. The Hospital provides free medical facilities such as OPD, treatment, blood tests, and medicine for patients with active symptoms of coronavirus. A separate department has been developed for coronavirus, where patients are placed in three different isolation zones. The aim of the hospital is to fight against coronavirus, which has killed millions of people around the world.

Free Blood Camp

Hussain Lakhani Hospital is setting up blood camps free of charge in Karachi for blood donations. These camps offer a proper disinfected way of blood transfusions. Specialized medical staff are well trained to conduct safe blood transfusions. People in Karachi can donate blood to the Free Blood Camps of Hussain Lakhani Hospital to help countless patients with various diseases. Karachi's first private Hospital #HussainLakhaniHospital treat Coronavirus patients for free in collaboration with #JDC For more updates please follow the founder (@Hunaid_Lakhani).

About Us

The Hussain Lakhani Hospital is a private hospital established in 2019 by the Chancellor of Iqra University, Hunaid Lakhani, Naveed Lakhani. The basic foundation of this hospital is to provide free and best medical care services from medicines to high-end surgeries. It is a charitable hospital that aims to make society safer and healthier. The hospital has Free Medical Camps, Covid Hospital, and the Blood camps for the poor people in Karachi. The hospital is staffed with well-trained specialized physicians that provide the best possible care. The Hospital has a separate OPD facility to properly guide the patients, an Emergency Room (ER) to treat trauma patients, and a pharmacy to supply proper medication for all patients. Hussain Lakhani Hospital has gynaecologists, paediatric, general surgery, dermatologists, dentistry, and physiotherapy departments that diagnose, treat all diseases and disorders. The Hospital also has a laboratory for blood and urine tests. The goal of the Hussain Lakhani Hospital is to support the needy and less developed people who earn meager wages and are unable to afford proper medical care. The founders of this Hospital believe in charity and want to provide advanced and best medical facilities to the people of Karachi.

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