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The goal of the Hussain Lakhani trust is to support the needy and less developed people who earn meager wages and are unable to afford proper medical care. The founders of this trust believe in charity and want to provide advanced and best medical facilities to the people of Karachi.The basic foundation of this trust is to provide free and best care services.

Hussain Lakhani Trust

Hussain lakhani trust provide Free Medical Camps, Covid Hospital, and the Blood camps for the poor people in Karachi. The trust is staffed with well-trained specialized physicians that provide the best possible care.



Free Medical Camp organized by Hussain Lakhani Trust. At the free medical camp, specialist doctors examined people suffering from various ailments and also provided medicines.

Free Medical Camp

PTI MNA Alamgir Khan's visited free medical camp. There are many people here who cannot afford a private hospital.There is not a single government hospital here which is a matter of debate for the Sindh government.Alamgir Khan appreciates Hussain Lakhani Trust's efforts to provide free medical camp facilities to the public.

Free Medical Camp and ration in Umar kot

Hussain Lakhani Trust has set up a ration and free medical camp for rain-affected people in Umar kot.

Free Medical Camp in yousuf goth

Medical camp organized by Hussain Lakhani Trust in Yusuf Goth.Medical examination of the victims in the free medical camp, supply of free medicines to the patients.

Free Medical Camp in 106 RIB

It is a great achievement of Hussain Lakhni Trust that is free treatment for poor peoples. Jamal Siddiqui MPAPS 106 PIB